What is the QLASH mission?

Our mission is to improve engagement and interaction between gamers of all types. Whether you’re a pro player, influencer or just simply love playing and watching games, we want to enhance that experience.

How can I join the QLASH family?

All you have to do is simply sign up here and join us on our Discord channels. This will open up full access to all our guides, give you access to our Team Pro, allow you to participate in our regular events and much more!

What is the QLASH Community?

The QLASH Community is the only place out there that organizes regular online and live events, gives you access to our Team Pro, organizes leagues between different countries, gives you a chance to participate in bootcamps and workshops of all kinds and much much more. Our goal is to create a fun and engaging atmosphere and hopefully give you the tools to improve in whatever it is that you enjoy and help your dreams come true!

What will I find on your Discord servers?

We have separate Discord servers for each game plus a central one. It’s where you can find other members of our community that love the game as much as you. You can get all the latest info, chat in real-time and organize games to play together with current and future friends :)

General channel
Hearthstone channel
Vainglory channel
Clash Royale channel

How can I join Team QLASH as a pro player?

Please send us some info about yourself and why you think you deserve this chance

Is QLASH looking to expand into other games?

QLASH is always looking for potential opportunities in other games with a special focus on the newer titles

What is the QLASH League?

The QLASH League is the part of our ecosystem that organizes large scale online and live tournaments and events with live finals in our gaming house in Treviso, Italy. We expect to start running more and more of these. Stay tuned!

Can you tell me about the QLASH House?

The QLASH gaming house is located in Treviso, Italy. It’s a 2200 sq meter place that can currently house 18 people at once. We hold our bootcamps, workshops, events and do live streaming from there as well to show our fans some of the behind the scenes about how this all works. While already operational, we are still building out some areas and can’t wait to show it off to you guys!

What is the QLASH Academy project?

Through the Academy project we want to give the necessary tools to regular players that want to improve their game, learn what it takes to be part of a functioning team, learn how to stream and build a proper brand and community around themselves. If you prove yourself through this process, you’ll have a really good chance of having a contract with multiple benefits signed with us.

Where can I get some of that super cool QLASH gear and merchandise?

We are working on building a very cool merchandise store in the near future

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