StarCraft is one of those titles that seems to have been around forever and everyone in the industry knows well. Whether you are a 30+ years old hardcore gamer or a young teenager playing what is currently popular, you definitely know StarCraft. Often times it is referred to as the chess of Esports and is one of the games with the highest skill caps out there because the players are required to be very good both mechanically but also in the theoretical part of the game. Some say that to be strong in StarCraft means to be strong in Esports and we tend to agree.

With that in mind QLASH is extremely happy to welcome one of the very best players in the world - Riccardo ‘’Reynor’’ Romiti to our roster. Whatever we say about his talent will not nearly be enough as he is a true prodigy of the game. At the same time, and maybe even more importantly he is an incredible person that we are proud to have in our organisation. 

Reynor is enthusiastic about our new partnership: ‘Very happy to finally join QLASH because I have known them for a bit at this point and I consider us friends. I’m really looking forward to this year together and see what we can achieve!’. He has been a guest in the QLASH House on multiple occasions as well as a winner of the QLASH StarCraft2 Invitational 2nd edition. His family was also in the QLASH House during the Italian casting of his first major trophy. 

At just 17 years of age, Riccardo has already achieved glory by being the youngest foreigner (non-Korean) to qualify for GSL (Global StarCraft II League) at the age of 15, as well as the first Italian player and the youngest player to compete in a WCS Final (StarCraft II World Championship Series) at the age of 16. In 2019 he managed to engrave his name in the history of the game by lifting the trophy in 2 of the 4 major seasonal events, one in Kiev, Ukraine and one in California, US while also playing the final in the WCS Global Finals 2019 - the most prestigious event of the year. 

Alessandro Fazzi, Head of Competitive for QLASH: "I always wanted to have the opportunity to have Reynor on my team and now I'm really proud to have him at QLASH. He is brilliant, the prototype of a genius-player, instinctive but with a deep knowledge of the game, determined to win, respectful but with no fear of anyone. An example for everyone around him. It will be a great pleasure to work together."

Luca Pagano, co-founder and CEO: “We have been following Reynor since the beginning of his career and we always knew he would have been a natural fit in QLASH. We now have the know-how and the infrastructure to support world-class talents development like the one Reynor possesses. Having him on board is yet another important milestone for us and we are thrilled with this signing!”

Born and raised in Italy, Reynor and QLASH are like two peas in a pod and we see us growing together not only the local StarCraft II community but also the whole Italian Esports scene. The future is bright and we are looking forward to it!