We are an Esports organization found in Italy in 2017 by former professional poker players Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov. We consider ourselves a new kind of Media company building and supporting Gaming & Esports Communities at global & local level.

Our mission is to create a strong, effective and engaging connection within gaming communities through innovative use of: content production, management of pro players & influencers, organization of community and competitive events.

QLASH Competes

We currently manage 80+ profesisonal Esports players in 15 different titles. Some of our achievement include qualifying for BlizzCon 2017 and 2018, the World BrawlStars Championship Finals 2019, the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019, winning Dreamhack Valencia PUBG Mobile 2019, multiple local and global trophies in FIFA, PES, Call of Duty, Clash Royale, League of Legends and others...

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