Ladies and gentlemen, the first edition of QLASH League – the Clash Royale tournament powered by Team QLASH with a €5,000 prizepool – has its first finalist. Team Liquid will fly to Treviso next May 5th, where from the QLASH House we’ll be witness of the Grand Final.

The Loser Bracket Semifinal match will be between ASUS Rog Army and Team Queso. But let’s see what happened in the two matches played on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th

Winner Bracket Final Mach: ASUS ROG Army vs Team Liquid 0-2

ASUS ROG Army chose Naginata, Batman, Loay, KaNaRi0oo, and Tobi SpiritHawk, while Team Liquid opted for Karnage, Azilys, Surgical Goblin, MaxLaMenace, and MegaBabouu.

It was a real ‘Karnage’, cause the first set ended up 6-0, with six wins in a row for the Liquid player. In the second set, Asasins took the Naginata’s spot, and CMcHugh played instead of Loay. Team Liquid won again, this time 6-3.

Here’s the VOD:

Loser Bracket Final Match: Team Queso vs KIYF Esports 2-0

Soking, Arnaudleroi, Cuchii Cuu, Beniju, SaintBelikin for Team QUESO; DWP7, Roki, ByZeuZz, Javi14, galactusk for KIYF Esports.

The first set was a 6-3 victory for Team Queso, that chose to confirm the entire roster for the second set. Adriandp98 substituted for DWP7, but KIYF Esports got completely crushed and lost 6-0.

Here’s the VOD:

QLASH League Grand Final

ASUS ROG Army and Team Queso will have the last chance to get to the Grand Final on Thursday 19th: at 9 pm, the two teams will battle in the Loser Bracket Final Match.

The last step of QLASH League will be the abovementioned Grand Final that will take place on May 5th. The winner team will get a hefty €2,500 prize, while the runner-up will win €1,500.