114 teams entered the QLASH League Qualification #1, a huge turnout that shows how strong the European Clash Royale community is. Initially, we were going to start with 30 teams, but due to the overwhelming response, we expanded it to 40 teams.

40 teams that battled yesterday to grab one of the 10 spots available for Qualification #2 (February 22), where the ‘big boys’ will join the competition. We’re talking about 10 of the best Clash Royale teams in Europe:

  • NeverBack
  • Queso EU
  • Asus ROG
  • Arctic InnJoo
  • Giants
  • Millenium
  • Nova EU
  • Tribe EU
  • Arena Quesito

The 10 qualified teams

Last night was an epic night: Baby Dragons flying all over the map, nasty Goblins attacking everything and everyone, powerful spells thrown to overturn a match. There certainly was some classic Clash Royale mayhem on display!

But when the storm was over, only the best 10 teams were left gloating:

Kudos everyone!

So let’s hear it for Pekkeame Estaaa, Team Heretics, Valencia CF eSports, Ākō Rōshi, Mkers, R3X CC 57, x6tence Black, x6tence, KIYF eSports, and Team Repulse for making it to the Qualification #2!

Finally, we want to say a huge thank you to all the 114 teams that showed their great support and participation to this first edition of QLASH League and… we wish you better luck next time!