The QLASH League Grand Final between Team Queso and Team Liquid is only a few days away and we are biting our nails in excitement to share all the amazing stuff we have in store for you!

As with every final, the time has come when hectic preparations are in progress to create an unforgettable atmosphere for players and spectators alike. This is additionally guaranteed by the extremely high level of competitors we will have on stage and the great moments we are sure they will produce for you. The QLASH House is seriously brewing with activity with players, casters, cameramen, editors, streamers and all sort of other professionals getting ready for a great show!

It is not a secret that this is the first large scale event that QLASH has undertaken and we want to invite you all to be part of this important chapter of our journey. Our mission is to become an eSports team which every member of the community can interact with and contribute to in many different ways. We are going the extra mile to make this event something special, so we urge you to mark the date on the calendar and get ready for some cool announcements and giveaways!

We certainly hope you are hyped as we are for what is to come. So join us on the 5th of May at 20:00 CET on one of the following links for a live stream in the language of your choice:


Also don't forget to follow our social media channels to stay updated about all details. May the best team win!