Annalisa ‘Annie Ackerman’ La Rosa, Cristina ‘Ishtar’ Naim, and Federica ‘Yoshiue’ Meloni: these are the names of the QLASH Girls, our Clash Royale female team that will debut on 20-22 July at the GirlGamer Esports Festival in Lisbon.

We have already had a taste of our girls’ skills during their first bootcamp, but we’re more than curious to see how they will take on their first International live event.

Who are the QLASH Girls?

Annalisa is 24 years old and lives in Catania. She’s been playing Clash Royale for two years, but her passion for the strategy games was born thanks to Clash of Clans. Annalisa loves photography and graphic arts, but most of all the Japanese culture: “We’ve been training a lot for our first International tournament: the pressure will give me a lot of determination. I’m excited and I hope this will be just the first of many more tournaments”.

Cristina is a 25 years old Physics student that discovered Clash Royale thanks to her friends: “During this bootcamp I learned a lot: it was a fantastic experience. The GirlGamer? A wonderful initiative. We’ll met a lot of other girls: eSports is pretty much a male environment, but we’ll show to the rest of the world that we girls are as competitive”.

With her 19 years, Federica is the youngest of our female players. She’s still studying in high school, but she’s already a Clash Royale veteran: “I’m looking forward to go to Portugal. I know it will be a milestone experience for me, for us, regardless of the outcome. I’m both excited and frightened, but I had such a great time in the QLASH House”.

qlash girls

The GirlGamer Esports Festival

During the bootcamp, our girls tested all the possible meta decks and studied all the mechanics: from Bo3 to games with banned cards, so that they will be ready for any kind of situation.

“We want to be ready for the GirlGamer Festival: this festival wants to promote female teams in eSports. Not just Clash Royale: during those three days of competition they will run a lot of tournaments”, said Kevin Milaj - our Clash Royale Game Manager.

“We’re very happy to begin this new adventure with our female team. We are investing a lot of effort on this project and we want to wish our girls the best of luck. So be sure to support us and them!”