We are extremely happy to announce an event in collaboration with LadiesNite. LadiesNite is a volunteer-based organization that runs female-only online series of tournaments. The community spawned from the  passion of like-minded players that envisioned for a friendly,  competitive space that allows for women play without prejudice. They have been helping the female Fortnite community for nearly a year, helping them gain visibility and awareness by showcasing their best gameplay - some players were eventually noticed and signed to pro teams - with weekly tournaments and community oriented initiatives. Check out the official LadiesNite Twitter here

What to expect

Some of the most popular female Fortnite streamers will be joining us live on the 31st of August and 1st of September in the QLASH House, near Treviso, Italy. They will compete in a private Epic Games server and will showcase their skills with each of them streaming their gameplay on their own Twitch channels. The rest of the server will be filled with mostly female players participating online. In addition to the Fortnite gameplay and streams, we will host side activities, such as discussion panels, where important gaming and gender equality topics will be brought up. These will be broadcasted on the official QLASH Fortnite Twitch stream.

Purpose of the event

In addition to raising the important topic of gender equallity, the event is organised in order to raise funds for the Save The Children charity.

You can donate straight to the charity or you can participate in the fundraising by purchasing an exclusive event item from the dedicated Matcherino page. The purchases on the Matcherino page will support the charity, the female influencers involved and the overall prizepool of the event.

Influencers participating live

Gen.G Tiffae


LadiesNite with QLASH Discord Server   

LadiesNite with QLASH - charity   LadiesNite with QLASH Live stream


August 31st (Competitive Day)
- Arena Duos (Both players must be female)
- Custom Lobby
- 1 warm up match (1 on each server EU, NAE, NAW)
- 4 matches towards prize pool (2 official matches on EU, 1 official match on NAE, NAW)

Point System:

- 1 point per elimination (no cap)
- 1st Place (VR) - 10 points
- 2nd place - 5 points
- 3rd place - 3 points

Top 3 with the most points after 3 official matches will be distributed their earnings from the prizepool as follows:

- 1st 35%
- 2nd 25%
- 3rd 20%
- 4th 15%
- 5th 5%

TIEBREAKER: Victory Royales, Best placement, average KD.
No B.R.U.T.E.S, No Junk Rift, Anonymous mode off, fight on sight but play for end game!

September 1st (Charity Day-Save The Children)

- Co-Ed Squads
- Public Lobby
- 8 teams (invited guests to live events are captains)

Donations to the charity will trigger an in-game action from the list below:

- $10 MUST stop and do an emote/dance
- $25 No Shotgun
- $50 No Healing (must drop all meds in inventory but can pick up meds after that point)
- $100 Split all Mats (all teammates)
- $250 DreamTeam Challenge (2 players with weapons ONLY and 2 players with builds and heals ONLY)
- $500 Protect The President Challenge (1 player must be protected no weapons no builds, if the assigned person is eliminated one of the surviving players must drop all weapons and builds to continue the challenge *CAN hold heals*)