The project - born thanks to the strategic advice of MKTG - allowed JD Sports to enter the Italian esports scene by developing a communication project particularly familiar to the target audience, which runs throughout 2021 and is structured with diversified initiatives and activations.  


A key partnership that - through the merging between the two worlds - aims to generate an engaging and appealing experience for the increasing number of esports fans. 

As part of the agreement, the two brands will use their physical locations to "exchange" visibility and exposure. On one side, JD Sports can count on a dedicated space in the QLASH House, and on the other side the creation of QLASH branded gaming areas in the retailer stores is planned. 

Pietro Comincini, Marketing Executive for JD Sports: “The growth of our brand on the Italian market also passes through collaborations in line with the young audience to which our product offer is aimed. The entertainment offered by platforms such as Twitch, thanks to live streams and the ability to interact with the public in real time, allows our brand to get as close as possible to our customers and to establish an ongoing relationship of loyalty. Thanks to the valuable support of MKTG, we came into contact with the reality of QLASH, to which we recognize excellent potential both at Italian and international level; we are sure that this collaboration can bring great benefits for both, in terms of visibility and positioning on the market. Our arrival in the world of gaming and Esports couldn’t have been more focused”. 

Significantly, JD Sports will be present on the official jerseys of the Italian teams and competitive players of QLASH, including Riccardo "Reynor" Romiti, world superstar of StarCraft2, awarded as the best Italian player of 2020 and who, just a few days ago, became world champion at the IEM Katowice 2021. 

Luca Pagano, CEO and co-owner of QLASH: "Sport and Esports have many elements in common and younger generations are increasingly interested in consuming both types of content simultaneously. We perceive JD Sports as a natural choice for QLASH and we see a lot of great synergies when it comes to physical presence in both the QLASH House and JD stores. We are thrilled to enter in such a partnership for a lasting and fruitful collaboration.

All the activities that will be carried out will be announced and amplified through extensive digital campaigns on the respective social media channels, providing captivating content to all Esports enthusiasts, mixing the spirit and culture of the two brands thanks also to the involvement of pro-players who have become - today - real influencers, such as Paolo Cannone, leader of the QLASH LoL team – who is able to give memorable moments. 

The partnership agreement was reached thanks to the collaboration between MKTG and ABU MEDIA - advertising agency and official partner of QLASH - which was able to create an esports sponsorship project capable of generating both content and engagement KPIs. 

Silvia Rossi, Managing Director of MKTG Italia: "Working on the creation of network for esports professionals is fundamental for us because it allows us to offer our clients valuable projects, guided by a perfect mix of strategic approach, creativity and executive production. This Partnership studied ad hoc for JD Sports is an example of how this approach can be winning for all players involved and for the community. An excellent opportunity that shows the ever-growing interest of big companies in the world of esports: a communication scene that is now essential and fundamental.