Diego ‘Crazy_Fat_Gamer’ Campagnani fights like a lion in Virtual LaLiga Grand Final and manages to push himself to the foot of the podium: for him there’s a fourth place and €7,500.

This time, Zidane made Italy cry.

If in the last and decisive challenge of the 2006 World Cup it was a headbutt by the number ten of the bleus to bring the fourth world title closer to Marcello Lippi's national team, in the final of the Virtual LaLiga Grand Final loser bracket another Zizou, 'Zidane 10', interrupted Diego ‘Crazy_Fat_Gamer’ Campagnani’s run towards the final triumph.

For Diego, however, an honorable fourth place came about: an excellent result for the sole Italian player in the circuit that was able to compete on par with the best Spanish players and to reach the final act of a competition played by nearly 13,000 players.

From rags...

Diego arrived in Madrid to participate in the Grand Final of the Virtual LaLiga on 11th of May, thanks to the qualification he achieved two weeks earlier in the Liga Santander studios. Together with him, was part of the QLASH staff, in this case, the FIFA game manager Sergio Porcelli and the coach Simone ‘Lamella’ Sfolcini.

The Grand Final welcomed the 8 best players of the whole season: in addition to Diego, we saw in action 'Ranerista', 'Aangelitto_98', 'Gravesen', 'Carayol', 'DanielAguilar4', 'JRA Lion' and the aforementioned  'Zidane 10'.

Diego started his adventure on the wrong foot: despite a good draft, in his two round-trip matches our ‘Crazy’ had to surrender to ‘DanielAguilar4’ for an aggregate of 4-1 scoreline.

… to riches!

Downgraded to the Loser Bracket, Diego had to face none other than ‘JRA Lion’, one of the favorites to win the final. At the end of two very tight matches, the result of the draw led the two challengers to roll the roulette of penalties, which concluded in 8-5 in favor of ‘Crazy_Fat_Gamer’ (yeeey).

The adrenaline and enthusiasm of such a complicated match, won against such a strong opponent, gave Diego the right push to wipe out 'Aangelitto_98' with a dominant performance and a 6-2 aggregate scoreline, allowing the Italian to reach the Loser Bracket final.

As mentioned, at this stage ‘Crazy’ played another great game, but had to accept a loss of 2-1 to ‘Zidane_10’, finishing his adventure with a fourth place (€7,500) and 350 Fifa Pro Points.

For the record, the Grand Final of the second edition of the Virtual LaLiga was then won by ‘Gravesen’, which earned him a first prize of €40,000.

The best is yet to come

So this is how the first experience of Diego ‘Crazy_Fat_Gamer’ went in the Spanish championship. There is perhaps a bit of regret for not having reached the final act for just one goal, but Diego can still be satisfied with his performance.

“Doing these events is always an indescribable emotion,” he said. “I'm a little bitter about not having brought home the Spanish title, but I know I've improved on some fundamentals, such as penalties and the mindset. This experience gave me the confidence to be able to try it again next year and to be able to fight to win in any tournament”.

Coach ‘Lamella’ was also satisfied: “Diego played well during the tournament and went beyond expectations. What matters most is that he has reached the awareness of being able to play and win against anyone, even at the highest of levels”.

The game manager Sergio Porcelli closes the circle: “A year after Amsterdam (where Diego participated in the Global Series Playoffs in 2018), where we lost on penalties, here we eliminated a candidate to victory again on penalties. This is not just a sign of growth, but also the result of the excellent work that Diego has done with our coach. I am satisfied with this fourth place, which once again legitimizes us at European level”.