As the title suggests we are more than proud to announce that we have now released the first version of our own QLASH Community mobile app. It is available for download both from the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store. The first version of our app is completely focused on the Clash Royale Community and all of the aspects that we think our Community should have easy access to. 

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We are launching the QLASH Community app because we truly believe we can provide something different and valuable to our fans and followers. With such an abundance and diversity of mobile apps it is extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, in time, we hope our app will become a one-stop resource for all Clash Royale players, no matter their level. 

Of course, we don’t intend to have the app revolve only around the Clash Royale world and in the near future we will start involving other game titles as well. For the time being though, we prefer to concentrate on providing a high quality product for one of our Communities and build solid foundations from which to grow further.


Currently, the integrated features include Decks, Clans, Leaderboard, Guides, News and a link to our Community Chat in Discord

Decks - for some players building a deck from scratch is a tedious task. Others would like to know what decks the top Pro players are using in the current meta and copy them. Another reason for looking up a deck is having a high-level legendary card and trying to build a strong deck around it. 

Well, we have solutions for all of these in our Community Deck Tool and even more. You can search top Pro decks by selecting your favorite cards, you can filter decks for ladder or challenges use, or you can simply browse the best decks based on the trophies or wins achieved with them. And the best part? With a single click you can copy your chosen deck directly to the Clash Royale app and start playing with it in just a few seconds! 

Furthermore, our decks are provided not by ourselves, but by some of the best players in the world who we are cooperating with. These include names like SurgicalGoblin, Morten, #tes#, Peppe and many more! We don’t mean to brag but in this case we are really proud of what we have achieved!

Clans - if you would like to know if QLASH has some clans in your country or region it is easier than ever to navigate through our structure. All our clans will be included in this section and a brief overview of each of them is available. 

Leaderboard - we are running weekly tournaments for all of our clans where the top performing Community members get some nice QLASH gadgets at the end of each month!

Guides - our many Pros are more than happy to share their knowledge and insights on how to play with certain decks. In this section we will constantly be uploading new guides to improve the gameplay of both beginners and advanced players. You should definitely keep an eye on this one if you want some useful tips!

News - this is where you keep yourself up-to-date with all the important news and announcements we have for our Community. 
Community Chat - join the thousands of Community members we have in our Discord servers to chat about the world of Clash Royale, discuss strategies and decks, just hang out or whatever you like doing. We welcome everyone with open arms! 

More to come

This is the first version of the app and we realize it can definitely grow bigger and better. We will work hard to make this happen as soon as possible and provide as much valuable content as we can. As of now, we hope the QLASH Community becomes even more engaged with the new tools at its disposal and even more united as a Community!