Yesterday in Amsterdam the final phase of HCT World Championship 2017 took place and, for the very first time, on the throne of Hearthstone sits someone coming from the Asian-Pacific area: it’s  ‘tom60229’,  family known as Chen Wei Lin.

By beating Frank ‘Fr0zen’ Zhang in the latest stage, ‘tom60229’ allowed himself to gain more and more from the game he was playing: stuck in bad result (was 0-2), Chen then rumbled up, ending on 3-2 and writing his name on the Hearthstone history.

A champion’s speech

He really wasn’t in any fave list but, as you all know, Hearthstone is unpredictable and this kind of ‘surprises’ are not one of a kind: “I felt I was not in a good shape today.. tho, I cannot feel better than now”, said the winner of HCT World Championship 2017 right after the latest match.

When I was stuck on 0-2”, Chen said, “I thought it was all over. But when I took out the match on the fifth game I totally gained back courage and confidence in my possibilities”.

This is Chen’s first international victory and, thanks to it, he cashed in $250.000. And ’Fr0zen’? For him a second place worth$150.000.

HCT World Championship 2017: Final Day

Let’s watch again this incredible HCT World Championship 2017 final day: