QLASH is pleased to announce the entry into the FIFA Xbox scene with Alessandro Rosetti. A talent from Turin, 18, "Rose" is a flexible player: convincing modules, pressing, an almost impassable defense and cold blood are among his many skills.


In the Esport scene, the need to keep up with the competition and battle on all fronts is crucial, which is why QLASH did not miss the opportunity to bring Rosetti into the Team Pro, alongside Diego "Crazy Fat Gamer" Campagnani  and Enzo "EnzoMarty97" Tramontano, which are our already established FIFA players on the Playstation side.

Some of the best Rose results so far

Top 6 at the Italian Gazzetta Esports Challenge Championship
Top 3 IGL - Italian Gaming League
Top 8 Live League 2017
Top 8 Empoli Cup 
Top 6 Dinamo Kiev Cup

A season full of events awaits and the whole team is already training and trying out new formations, at least until the official release of FIFA19 is out ... and once that happens make sure to follow us to find out more about the many initiatives we have in store for you!