Now that the dust has settled and the DreamHack event in Austin has crowned its champion it is a good time to review the performance of our players Mikołaj “Elazer” Ogonowski and Julian “Lambo” Brosig who went through a lot of hoops and showed some incredible Zerg mastery.

The Event Structure

The structure of the tournament included three different group stages of four players each where two straight wins meant progression, while two straight losses - elimination. If a player got a win and a loss in the group he had to play a decider match to determine the final standing. First stage consisted of 16 groups, the second of 8 and the third introduced higher performing players like “Neeb”, “Serral” and “SpeCial”. After group stages were finished we were off to the Ro16 and direct elimination brackets. Group matches were played in a Bo3 format, all brackets in Bo5 and the final was a Bo7 giving the players plenty of room to showcase their skills on the battlefield.

The Group Stages

The road of Elazer started with him dropping a match in his first group against the Terran player “souL”. However, he managed to win his other two matches and secured a spot in the next group stage. On the other hand, Lambo started flawlessly with 2 wins from two matches winning his group in a comfortable manner. 

The draw of the second group was not the best for our team with both of the players landing in group A which included exclusively Zerg specialists. Lambo started with a shaky performance, losing his first match against “Namshar” while Elazer made it look easy with 2 consecutive clean wins that meant he will finish at the top spot. Lambo had his back against the wall and even though he managed to overcome his second opponent he still had to improve in order to win against “Namshar” in a rematch. This time the scales tipped in his favor and we were very happy to see both Elazer and Lambo progressing deeper into the tournament.

Third group was a mirror image of the second one except the players were more skillful and each match was getting harder and harder to win. Elazer again went through with ease without dropping a single map. It is notable that he managed to also secure a win against “SpeCial” who in the past has proven to be one of his most difficult opponents. In his group, Lambo again lost his first match and had to come from behind to stay alive. Just like in the previous stage though he did manage to do so and two victories meant that we had two QLASH players in the Ro16!

The Killzone

Both Elazer and Lambo have been living in South Korea in a house dedicated for Starcraft 2 training and we must definitely say that the hard work had started to pay off. Never before had Lambo reached these stages of a major tournament and there he was, playing on even ground against the best in the business. His Ro16 match was against the Zerg “True” and even though Lambo was considered an outsider and he himself mentioned in an interview that ZvZ is his worst match-up he went on with his magnificent performance and eliminated “True” going into the Ro8. At this stage everything was possible and that showed when he absolutely destroyed “Nerchio” in the Ro8 without dropping a map and in less than 40 minutes. Wow! 

Nobody expected Lambo to get to such heights but he just kept on winning. The Semifinals were now on the horizon with the tournament favorite “Serral” on the opposite side of the map and everyone in the studio seemed convinced Lambo stood no chance. This quickly changed when “Serral” announced “GG” on the first map and Lambo took the lead, hinting that another incredible performance might be brewing. All good stories have to end though and in the next 3 maps “Serral” overwhelmed our player showing great skill and focus. It was over for Lambo but his accomplishment was simply amazing. Whether it is due to hard training or the extravagant outfit Lambo came out on stage with, he has now cemented himself as a player not to be taken lightly even on the biggest of stages. 

Lambo outfit

On the other side of the bracket, Elazer had to overcome the German Zerg “TLO” in the Ro16 in order to continue his overall great performance. Once again, he showed consistency and gave little to no chance to his opponent. With every round that passed by, DreamHack Austin was starting to become a favorite tournament for QLASH

Ro8 was up next for Elazer and as with many past tournaments it was “SpeCial” to stand in his way. Elazer had already beaten him in the group stages and this gave him some additional confidence that this time he might finally beat him when it matters most. However, karma is karma and once again “SpeCial” proved to be an obstacle too high that put an end to the hopes of Elazer to win the prestigious event. 

A great success

Congratulations to “Serral” for winning the tournament - he did so in a undisputable manner and managed to live to the hype currently surrounding him which is certainly not an easy task. 

We at QLASH are more than proud with the top 4 finish by Lambo and the top 8 by Elazer. Great accomplishments all round and a good foundation for even bigger success in the future!