Giorgio Zucca – aka Hellrazor – is the first Road to QLASH House champion. After beating Mattia ‘Falko’ Fazzi in the final match, the Dragon Powers player wrapped up a fantastic weekend, both for him and all the QLASH family.

While Giorgio was also enjoying a great Top 4 in the Hearthstone National – just like our own Gabriele ‘Wolcat’ Catterin did – QLASH House proved to be ready to host a double live tournament that involved more than 100 players overall.

During the weekend we hosted the Top 8 of our first Hearthstone Community Tournament and the Italian Pinball Championship, an initiative that saw lot of players – both professionals and amateurs – invade our QLASH House and push it to it’s very broad limits.

Road to QLASH House Grand Final: Day 0

Besides Hellrazor and Falko, the QLASH House also welcomed on Friday 22nd Matteo ‘Zabbanologia’ Bazzani, Andrea Francesco ‘Aslanino’ Bonaccorso, Gabriele ‘Atan’ Gallo, Francesco ‘RoyalKing’ Moschini Argentina, Federico ‘Cerberus’ Zermian, and Luca ‘CoravStenom’ Dammaco, the other six players that qualified online to our Road to QLASH House Finals.

After some rest in their hotel rooms, the guys got their first ‘encounter’ with the QLASH House. It’s hard to explain their reactions once they saw ‘The Big Q’ at the front one of the biggest gaming houses in the world. In just one word: amazement.

The 8 finalists were welcomed by our Hearthstone Team Pro and our QLASH staff. After a nice night full of chats, laughs and discussions about Hearthstone – and an exquisite dinner too! – everyone was driven back to the hotel to get some rest.

Day 1

On Saturday 23rd, the Road to QLASH House Grand Final officially begun . The first quarterfinal match saw Aslanino got the best of it against RoyalKing (3-1), thanks to his Token Druid and his Miracle Rogue.

The second match between Falko and Zabbanologia was more unpredictable: started off with 1-0, then 1-2, then an unstoppable Odd Paladin let Falko advance to the semifinal match.

The third quarterfinal was as quick as a Bo5 can be: Atan eliminated Hellrazor (who is also a Team Dragon Powers player) with a 3-0, thanks to his Miracle Rogue… simply miraculous.

Due to Hellrazor still being involved in the Hearthstone Nationals, the fourth and last quarterfinal match wasn’t shown on stream, but offstream CoravStenom was defeated 3-1.

Here’s the Day 1 VOD (commentary is in Italian):

Day 2

The first semifinal match was maybe the most tight match of the entire series. Aslanino and Falko was 2-2 when Aslanino’s Mindblast Priest didn’t have enough time to do its super combo against his opponent’s Even Lock, with Falko becoming our first finalist after a 3-2 win.

Quest Warrior and Recruit Hunter pusher Hellrazor in the final match too, after a Top 4 in the Hearthstone Nationals: there was nothing Atan can do and he was demolished with 3-1.

Hellrazor ended up a fantastic weekend for him, with another 3-1 win that made him the first Road to QLASH House champion, along with a Top 4 finish in the Hearthstone Nationals. Definitely not bad for just a single weekend of Hearthstone, don’t you agree?

Here’s the Day 2 VOD (commentary is in Italian):

And this is just the beginning!

Road to QLASH House has been our first QLASH Community Hearthstone event for our Italian followers, but definitely not the last one.

QLASH is already working hard to develop new and exciting events, which will involve not just our Italian fans, but every Hearthstone fan out there. So we suggest you follow us, because as they say… this is just the beginning!