The Hearthstone Team Pro is happy to welcome its new professional player: the Russian Vladislav ‘GeneraL’ Spirin. Along with the already established Dario ‘Pool8’ Ripa and Federica ‘MaeveDonovan’ Campana, ‘GeneraL’ will be part of the QLASH trio for the Team Standings.


GeneraL’s identikit

Born in Volgograd in 1997, Vladislav is a Hearthstone professional player and streamer. His Twitch channel (available here) boasts more than 12,000 followers and is the place where ‘GeneraL’ streams every single day showcasing his “ladder climbing” and his participation in online tournaments.

To be part of an ambitious team as QLASH it’s an honor to me”, said Vladislav. “It means that my job is truly appreciated. QLASH is the right place where I can have all I need to perform at my best. But I’d like to also thank my former team, Vaevictis: if I got here it’s also because of them”.

‘GeneraL’ ended Season 1 with 27 points, but during the first three months of Season 2 he has already earned the astonishing 42 points, enough to be placed at the 24th place in the European Rankings. If we take into account his results from July - a Top 21 in Asia - his final standing will most probably be even higher.


Team Hearthstone goes international

With the acquisition of ‘GeneraL’, the QLASH Hearthstone Team Pro breathes some International air – something that Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov (Co-Founders of QLASH) were looking for.

We’ve been following the Russian market very carefully, because it’s full of opportunities for us”, Luca Pagano explained. “Vladislav is not only a good emerging player, but also an excellent content creator – and this is very important for QLASH”, Eugene Katchalov added.

I’ve been keeping an eye on ‘GeneraL’ for months, and when I got the opportunity to sign him I simply took it. He’s proven to have the right mindset to perform in ladder. His skill level can only grow, with the help of our captain Luca ‘Bertels’ Bertelli”, is what the Hearthstone Game Manager Claudio Poggi had to say.