QLASH expands into new horizons within the Spanish community of Clash Royale by officially introducing QLASH Spain, an independent organization formerly known as Omega GSD and now part of the QLASH structure.

Spain represents one of the largest landscapes in the world for Clash Royale eSports.

The QLASH Spain organization, with its already gained experience will introduce an important Competitive Team and the joining of forces of some of the best Clans in their territory. It will also prove invaluable in terms of observing the main Live and Online Spanish competitions.

QLASH Spain, let the staff speak

“After a year of hard work starting from nothing with GSD, we were achieving all the goals. It gave us the possibility to create Omega GSD, thanks to Megha and Alfredo from QLASH. - says  Diego Grinàn Malla, Manager of QLASH Spain - and continues ‘After the hard work we had the great opportunity to start this huge project with QLASH. As CEO of the new project QLASH Spain, I am proud to be part of it and I have a lot of enthusiasm and desire to work even harder to make sure the many initiatives and projects proposed are fulfilled during the years that await us with QLASH”.

The main ambition and goal of QLASH Spain is to qualify and be a stable presence in the main competitions reserved to the Spanish teams like Superliga Orange Cup, CTP, Liga Chispitas and others.

“When Diego contacted me for being the eSport Director and giving me the opportunity of creating this amazing roster, I didn’t think twice’’ said Mario “Mariato” Aguilera, eSports Director of QLASH Spain - Talking on behalf of the staff and players, we are really excited and looking forward to start competing and giving back the confidence that QLASH has given to us. I’m sure we will have a lot to talk about in the coming months.”

QLASH Spain: the staff

The main Staff will be:

  • Diego Grinàn Malla, Director of QLASH Spain:

General director of QLASH Spain, manages contracts, relationships with QLASH, Ladder and Competitive scene, management of all staff and players.

  • Adriàn Casado Torres, Manager of QLASH Spain:

Director of the whole Spanish Clash Royale Competitive Scene (Manages Leagues, Coups, Work review of staff and players, Scrims etc.).

  • Juan Carlos Gallego Burgos, Captain of QLASH Spain:

Mental coach, manages all personal relationships and individualities of the players.

  • Mario “Mariato” Aguilera, eSports Director of QLASH Spain:

Scout of players and in charge of new signings. In charge of scouting for competitions.

Contacts: https://twitter.com/QLASH_Spain