QLASH Olympus caput mundi. Paraphrasing Marcus Annaeus Lucanus, the poet who coined the famous phrase about Rome in his Pharsalia, one of the QLASH clubs earned the first position in the world rankings of the Brawl Stars ladder, for the first time since the Italian team is active with its Community in the Supercell masterpiece.

The club, who sits permanently within the top 5 at the end of each season, has come close to this remarkable result previously, but never hadn’t managed to pull itself  on top. A humongous undertaking, given the high number of clubs competing for the top spot each season, which QLASH on the occasion snatched from Provocation - another formidable club.

The history of QLASH Olympus

Reaching the first place in a world ranking, whatever it may be, certainly is no accident. It is a result that must be, dreamed of, desired, and pursued with passion. This is what QLASH Olympus has been doing since last March, when the club was founded by the merge between two other clubs, QLASH Sentry and QLASH Kingdom.

‘THC | Franco’, the QLASH Olympus club leader and proud member of the QLASH Prime Community, shared with us what he felt after this huge accomplishment: "The thing that makes me happiest with this result, is that my staff and I were able to create a club made up almost exclusively of Italian players, who were mostly familiar with each other. In most cases, in the other clubs there are 100 players, not 100 people. For me, QLASH Olympus is like a second family”.

But how do you manage to coordinate a club of 100 players - my bad, people - and make sure that in two weeks they can accumulate something like over 2 million trophies on Brawl Stars?

"We have a Whatsapp group, every day we exchange thousands of messages among ourselves. Everyone gives their contribution, but I would like to thank in particular my vice presidents Giovanni Orsi (aka ElBlasfemo), Simone Puccia (aka Deletepls), Niccolò Longo (aka King Nico), Mattia Gabellini (aka Gabox), Giorgio Marsano (aka DEVASTO), and Danilo Greco (aka ODINO), in addition to the most long-lived members of the club like Gaspare (aka Lord Diablos), Salvatore Moggio (aka Proxy), Davide Restelli (aka Chiorico), Joshua Granata (aka 20 € Desturbo), Mattia Tosatto (aka Vegas) and Mattia Ingardia (aka Chief Matt). None of this would have been possible without them", Franco said.

The key to pushing QLASH Olympus to the number 1 position in the global leaderboard was “continuous growth, but also the collaboration with the other QLASH clubs. But we don't stop here: we want to grow even more, the best is yet to come!", ‘THC Franco’ added'.

The Community Above All

The QLASH approach is just that: to create bonds and ignite passions, through the foundation and care of united Communities for each video game title we cover. Like it happened in the case of QLASH Olympus, and of the countless other Brawl Stars clubs that are part of the QLASH Community.

They may not all have reached the first position in any leaderboards, and maybe they will never reach it, but in the end what matters is enclosed in the words of ‘THC | Franco’: "Since I was part of QLASH, I met so many fantastic people, people who are friends in real life today".

And this is worth much more to us than any first place in the world.