From 114 to 40; from 40 to 20; and from 20 to the final 8. The first two phases of QLASH League came to an end last night, when at the end of Qualification #2 we found the 8 teams that will advance to the proper league.

Qualification #2 played out with the very same criteria of Qualification #1 (click here for the recap): the 8 teams that had the lowest global score – created from the results of all the individual tournaments – are our Magnificent 8.

Let’s meet the qualified teams

The best team was Team Queso with 29 points, just 1 point better than Millenium. Then we have Tribe Gaming with 42 points, the third best team of last night.

4th place and 45 points for KIYF before Pekkeame Estaaa (the best after Qualification #1) with 46. Our QLASH guys got a good 6th place with 48 points; 7th and 8th place respectively for Mkers (49 points) and ASUS ROG Army (50 points).

Here is the full rank:

  1. Team Queso 29
  2. Millenium 30
  3. Tribe Gaming 42
  4. KIYF 45
  5. Pekkeame Estaaa 46
  6. QLASH 48
  7. Mkers 49
  8. ASUS ROG Army 50 (best finish Loay with 4)
  9. Valencia CF Esports 50 (best finish Ferchu and JuanxX each with 8)
  10. x6tence Black 52
  11. Arena Quesito 54
  12. Team Heretics 55
  13. Giants Gaming 55
  14. NeverBack Gaming 55
  15. Arctic InnJoo 56
  16. Ako Roshi 57
  17. Nova eSports 61
  18. R3X CC 57 64
  19. x6tence 67
  20. Team Repulse 85

Of course we want to say a big thank you to all 20 teams that did their best to get one of those 8 spots available: we hope to see you again next time !

What’s next?

The 8 teams qualified for the QLASH League will be split into a Top Bracket and Bottom Bracket; the first one is set for Thursday, 8th of March at 19:00 (CET), while the second one will be played on Thursday, 15th of March at 19:00 (CET).

Each match will consist of five players for each team per set, that will face King of the Hill mode.
When all of one team has been eliminated, one player can be revived. The team who eliminates the opposition, wins the set.  

The team with best of 3 sets wins the match.