After Team Liquid and ASUS Rog Army, Team Queso and KIYF Esports advance to the semifinals of the very first QLASH League, a Clash Royale team tournament that everybody’s talking about.

Unfortunately, the two remaining Italian teams (Team QLASH and Mkers) got the worst of the two Loser Bracket matches: Team QLASH lost to Team Queso, while Mkers succumbed to KIYF Esports.

Team Queso vs Team QLASH 2-0

Team Queso answered to the he last call of QLASH League, winning against Team QLASH 2-0. In the first set, Soking, Beniju, POU LEGION, SaintBelikin and Islaw defeated Flobby, Vendetta, GuaNek, Peppe and BigSpin.

Well, we might say that Soking himself destroyed the entire Team QLASH, winning 6 matches in a row. In the second set, Team QLASH tried to react, but Queso won again 6-4:

KIYF Esports vs Mkers 2-0

Davidlux6HD, Javi14, ByZeuZz, Roki, galactusk for KIYF Esports; Cristian, VULKan, bazaar, DEADPOOL89, Den for Mkers: after an even challenge, KIYF got the best of it 6-4.

In the second set, Mkers chose Klaudio and Gruston instead of Cristian and bazaar, but KIYF (with Adriandp98 and DWP7 in place of Davidlux6HD and Roki) controlled the match pretty easily with a final 6-1:

QLASH League semifinals

Next week (April 11th) we’ll see the first of the two semifinal matches, when at 9 pm ASUS ROG Army will go against Team Liquid. The very next day, Team Queso will take on KIYF Esports (at 9 pm too).

Which teams will advance to the QLASH League Grand Final at QLASH House?