ASUS Rog Army vs KIYF Esports and Team Liquid vs Team QLASH were the two Top Winner Bracket matches of QLASH League, both granting two spots for the first semifinal match of April 19th.

Let’s see what happened.

ASUS ROG Armi vs KIYF Esports: 2-0

Beniju, Loay, KaNaRiOoo, Miguelinho, and Tobi SpiritHawk got the best of Javi14, Roki, ByZeuZz, Davidlux6HD, and DWP7 both in the first (6-4) and second (6-5) set – where Batman took the place of Miguelinho.

Here’s the VOD:

Team Liquid vs Team QLASH: 2-1

Karnage, Surgical Goblin, Azylis, MaxLaMenace, and CMcHugh for Liquid; Nikles, ah craaaap, GuaNek, Floppy, and Peppe for QLASH. Good start for our little Dragons, with a 6-3 and 1-0 advantage.

But Liquid has a roster full of talents that can turn a match upside down in an heart beat: 6-1 for Surgical Goblin & friends in the second set (with BigSpin over GuaNek for QLASH) and 6-2 in the third set (where we saw both GianluMattia and mr.S4nd3rs compete):

Last call!

All is not lost for KIYF Esports and Team QLASH. Next week, on Wednesday 4th, QLASH will go against Team QUESO, while the very next day KIYF will have to face Mkers, in the two semifinal matches of Loser Bracket.

GG and GL to every team!