Team QLASH is very excited to announce the QLASH League, a 7-week, €5,000 team-based Clash Royale competition culminating in a live Grand Finals event at the QLASH House in Treviso, Italy.

Simone ‘Nemos’ D’Orazio had huge success with his first event SUS Cup, not only among the pros, but the wider community too. It was a step in the right direction for the kind of competitions that it seems Clash Royale fans want to see.  Here, his brainchild takes off in a BIG way, with QLASH taking the league to all of the EU!

QLASH League: the format

This world class online/ live event, that the European community can call their own, will start on February 15th with Qualification #1, where up to 40 teams will battle for 10 spots. The Grand Finals at QLASH House in Treviso will crown the last team standing on May 5th.

Fancy a nice Clash Royale tournament with a juicy prizepool? Do you like playing in a team, King of the Hill format? Then the QLASH League is waiting for you and your mates! The top 10 teams from Qualification #1 will join 10 invited teams to battle for 8 spots in Qualification #2 (February 22nd).

This 8 best teams will join the actual QLASH League, where they will be divided into a Top Bracket (March 8th) and a Bottom Bracket (March 15th), with semifinals between the top 4 teams (April 12th) preceding the Grand Finals in Treviso.

The invited teams

If your team will be one of the 10 teams surviving Qualification #1, you will have the opportunity to fight against the best European players. Here’s the list of the invited teams:

●       NeverBack Gaming

●       Team Queso EU

●       Asus ROG

●       Arctic InnJoo

●       Giants

●       Millenium

●        Nova EU

●        Tribe EU

●        Arena Quesito

●        QLASH

Everyone, get in here!

So what are you waiting for? Register NOW, join the QLASH League and spread the word: the more we are, the merrier (and stronger)!