The staff of Clash Royale is happy to announce the start of the QLASH Academy which will allow all users of our community to experience the QLASH world firsthand and be closer than ever to the world of eSports.

Our goal is to continue discovering and promoting talent, rewarding those who have placed their trust in our project, and QLASH Academy will be the tool we use to give back to all of you. To bring players closer to the real competition, all Academy teams will have guaranteed entry through live and online qualifications.

To find more info about the Academy Project, CLICK HERE.

The QLASH Academy project will initially start with Clash Royale and then form sections in other games, with the same basic characteristics, concept and philosophy. The Clash Royale QLASH Academy Team will be managed by Alfredo Marinozzi and Daniele Giacomelli, who will be supported by their past experience in Omega eSports and by the additional invaluable staff in the structure.

This new team will be a different segment in regards to the QLASH Team PRO, but will have a close managerial collaboration so that both achieve their goals while keeping in their roots the QLASH values. This will allow the QLASH Academy Team to participate in competitions as an independent team, nurturing and developing all potential talent in the international eSport scene.

The initial roster of Clash Royale's QLASH Academy Team will include the following players: Demon, Mat_deg, NoahTheRoyale, Pietro, Porchee, Rauf, Sasaa, Sheperd, Truealpha, Thebosshey123, Wisso, and Wnd2016. They will also be joined by the two players who showed great skills in our Live Meetup in Rome organised earlier this year - Kapo and Hiroito.

Keep following us on our social media channels as we are constantly growing and the next one in the QLASH Academy could be you!