The day of the QLASH Casters Invitational is almost upon us! Four of the worlds best casters in StarCraft 2 will be fighting for the trophy and some serious bragging rights at the QLASH House in Treviso this Saturday, at 6 PM CET. Make sure to tune in to our stream where Yoan "ToD" Merlo and Kevin "Harstem" de Koning will be casting the tournament to ensure the amazing casting talent is not limited to the players!

Last minute changes

Due to some last minute personal reasons Jaime "JimRising" Duran was unable to participate in the live finals. He will be replaced by Pierre-Marie "YoGo" Humeau, the caster he eliminated in the quarter-finals in order to progress. We are extremely glad that YoGo could make it on short notice so we can go ahead with the Grand Finals and deliver just as exciting a tournament as we planned. The QLASH House itself is buzzing and final preparations are being made to do just that.

QLASH Casters Invitational schedule

Special thanks

We would like to thank ToD and Matcherino for helping to make this event a possibility and would like to remind you of the cool Matcherino campaign to crowdfund the prizepool of the event. We definitely suggest you check it out if you have not done so already. The artwork is pretty great and you can get the exclusive ingame portraits through this event and nowhere else. Have in mind the campaign will run only until the 9th of February.

Matcherino campaign


Last but not least, we’re organizing a giveaway for the fans out there that would like to hang all the cool ingame portraits on their walls. We’ve printed out some high quality posters and 3 of you will win one each. They will also be signed by all live finalists so a great way to get another exclusive item!

Link to giveaway