Today at 6 pm CET our Spanish team QLASH Spain will start its adventure in the Progaming League, a prestigious Spanish league where all the academies of the best teams participate.

We asked the a few questions to the captain Destrynoobs about himself, the team and the competition:

How long have you been a member of QLASH Spain's family and how do you feel as part of it?
I arrived hand in hand with Dgm10 and Adrii8 before the Spanish branch was part of QLASH. They made me feel at home straight away and since then I have been fighting to make this family even better.

How do you approach this new competition (Progaming League) as it has teams of different levels?
Well the truth is that I am very excited and a little nervous. I love the format of the competition and I really want to start on the right foot from day one against AE eSports and to demonstrate all the work we have been doing so far as a team.

How did you feel knowing that you will be the team captain?
Very proud because despite not knowing how to speak Spanish, everyone believes and trusts me a lot and has been helping me so that I can give my best. It is a great responsibility, which gives me strength to stay motivated and give everything for the team and help all my teammates and staff to take the team to the top.

In your point of view how do you see your team performing during the regular phase and if you have the chance to reach the Top 4 for the face-to-face?
Although there are some very high level teams, I fully trust my teammates and I know that we will be in that Top 4 and be able to fight for the final prize.

What teams would you like to be part of the live event, in case you do qualify?
I would like to see Team Heretics, Arena Quesito and Asus Rog Army. They are the teams that I see as the strongest ones and I always want to compete against the best.

How would you define yourself in three words? And what would you say to your teammates?
Ambition, effort and hard work. Come on "Trunks", let's win this competition!