Malta has just hosted the very first Esports and game development expo, and it was amazing.

It was only a few months ago when the government of Malta announced its national vision for Esports and game development. Since then it has come a long way thanks to the impeccable work of Minister Silvio Schembri and Gaming Malta executives Ivan Filletti and Keith Abela.

Playcon is the attestation that this amazing island nation has a lot to offer to the international Esports scene. Thousands of local players, enthusiasts and curious parents have attended the 2000 m2 expo area and participated in tournaments, experienced new technologies or just cruised the stands to get to know better this digital universe.

The QLASH stand offered various gaming experiences from tournaments to educational talks. Our FIFA20 & TEKKEN7 tournaments were sold out a week before the expo started. During the educational talks our speakers covered topics about competitive and recreational Esports and the importance to balance between play time and other important aspects of life. It was amazing to see how keen the students were to know more about the industry and what career paths they could pursue within it.

As part of our experience we planned training bootcamps for FIFA20 and TEKKEN7. We invited local players to join our TEKKEN and FIFA pro players and experience a full 2 day immersion training course together with our team coaches and analysts. The players’ feedback was very positive and the locals were very appreciative towards this unique experience which they will surely remember. We were also pleasantly surprised to discover that MALTA has a group of very promising local talents that will surely make the international ranks in their respective games. After all this tiny island has already produced two top global FIFA players, namely Christian Spiteri and Kurt Fenech. When you take into consideration the size of Malta’s population compared to other nations this is a remarkable achievement that all Malta should be proud of.

At the almost 200 m2 QLASH Stand we had a VR station that was literally fully packed from morning till evening. The popular title BEAT SABER has made people queue up and wait for their turn to give it a try. Children and parents experienced, most of them for the first time, this incredible and game changing technology. Next to the VR Area we had a mobile gaming lounge where local players joined us for some CLASH ROYALE and BRAWL STARS tournaments including some small prizes.

The highlight of the weekend was surely the MALTA ROYALE FORTNITE tournament which had an outstanding prizepool of €10,000. This two day event was also sold out and accommodated 300 players which included our own QLASH CrimiKevin and QLASH Foitte. Our players made it to the final stages but local competition was strong and Crimi Kevin managed to only grasp the 12th position. The setup for this event was marvelous with 50 playing stations positioned in a well decorated stage. The event was live streamed and viewed by thousands online making it the highlight of the expo.

The organisers of PLAYCON, a local company named GMR Entertainment, have delivered an amazing experience and we would like to thank them for the opportunity and their superb work in organising such a successful event.

Overall the PLAYCON experience was outstanding and we at QLASH are proud to be part of the Malta Esports success story. We believe in the Maltese market and in its potential, that is why we have invested so much time and effort and will continue to do so. Throughout the years, Malta has become one of the most advanced and respected online gaming jurisdictions in the world and we believe it will follow through with Esports as well. The island offers the right infrastructure and resources any digital company could ever wish for together with a stable and transparent political climate that works to accommodate digital innovation as a successful and growing industry. Malta is truly as stated, Home of Gaming Excellence!