We’re incredibly happy to announce that Phil Hellmuth will be joining QLASH as an Investor and Advisor!

Phil is one of the most famous and successful professional poker players in the world. He holds the record for the most World Series of Poker bracelets at 15 and has tournament winnings in excess of $23 Million. He’s been a professional player for over 30 years and brings an immense amount of knowledge, talent and experience in what it takes to make it a successful career.

Eugene Katchalov, former pro poker player and co-founder of QLASH said: “Poker, in many ways, is like a cousin industry to Esports. It has many of the same attributes necessary for success -- ie, adapting to your opponents, constantly changing meta, some amount of RNG, consistent need for hard work and dedication, etc. There is also a lot of crossover in terms of fans, with many Poker players interested in Esports, and vice versa. Phil’s experience makes him an invaluable partner, because he can truly understand and appreciate the community-focused mission that we’re on as well as the pain points that we are trying to address. We have always looked to bring what worked well in the Poker industry to Esports, especially the community aspect which we at QLASH focus heavily on.”

Phil said: “I’ve known Eugene for a long time from Poker, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. His intelligence, work ethic, and passion shine through. And I have faith that he will absolutely crush it in business! This alone was reason enough for me to invest in QLASH. The cherry on top is that Esports is a massive, fast-growing industry and QLASH has a unique, grass roots approach. Eugene and Luca have set very ambitious goals with QLASH, and considering their significant personal investment — and passion — it was a no-brainer when they asked me if I wanted to invest my own money”

Luca Pagano, co-founder and CEO of QLASH added: “His trust and enthusiasm to have significant “Skin in the Game” via his investment with us is an amazing vote of confidence. We’re on a long term journey to build something truly amazing and look forward to doing incredible things together."

QLASH will continue to focus on engaging and connecting those in the gaming community and will even look to adopt some of Phil Hellmuth’s ideas in his new book “#Positivity” for their audience.