QLASH is ready for a new exciting adventure, opening its door to a brand new title: Overwatch.

Coming from Capp8, the players that form QLASH have made a name for themselves not only on Italian soil, but beyond it across Europe: they all played in the Open Division for two seasons, qualifying for the playoffs for the Contenders.

Let’s meet Team QLASH Overwatch

QLASH Overwatch will be captained by the young Asso: he will guide three other Italian players, starting from Frayu, one of the best Italian healers. Then we have Jericho, a seasoned FPS player. Last, but not least, a rising star like Ares, coming off a good competitive season.

The Italian talent will be joined by two European players: the Bulgarian Yoshio and the Finnish Crea. Yoshio and Crea are as young as they are brilliant: they've  consistently shown great skill in the past.

Frari – a great player himself – will be the team manager. Helping him guide QLASH to conquer the Euopean Overwatch scene there’s tZuna. He’s an ‘old school’ coach, whose role will be fundamental for the players’ growth and training.

Then, Arachne will be the icing on the cake. This Korean coach with immense talent and experience will take care of the preparation of QLASH Overwatch, with one goal: to win everything, every time.

Luca Pagano’s and Eugene Katchalov’s reaction

“This newly born Overwatch competitive roster marks the official entry of QLASH in the first-person shooters realm – said Luca Pagano, CEO and Co-Founder of the team – These are some of the biggest esports in the world. We believe that our team has huge potential, and a right mix of talent and experience”.

“FPS require reflexes, accuracy, and perfect team chemistry – added Eugene Katchalov, Co-Founder of QLASH – It’s a highly competitive and stimulating environment, but whit this roster we have everything we need to take the space by storm”.