Last weekend, Team QLASH played the last two Open Division matches: thanks to a double 3-0, against Fair’n Balanced and MYinsanity.OW, our guys went on to qualify for the prestigious Overwatch Open Division – Europe Season 2 Top 16.

What is the Open Division?

The Open Division is an open competition where even non-professional players can test their skills and abilities. In a few words, it’s the first step to the Overwatch League and the only way to get to the Contenders. OPD is a real European championship, involving the best teams and players of the Old Continent: match after match, every team tries to get to the top of the leaderboard, earning themselves a spot to the Playoffs.

The first 16 teams, after 10 weeks of play, got the access to the Playoffs, but after that only the four remaining teams advance to the Contenders Trial, where they will have the opportunity to challenge the Contenders team and obtain a spot for the next competitive season.

Open Division Season 2: the road so far

It’s been a challenging Open Division Season for QLASH, but you know what they say. No pain, no gain.

With a record of 9 wins and only one loss, our Dragons made it to the Top 16. Quite an accomplishment, for a team that was born just few months ago, but still was able to achieve this  very prestigious international result.

During their first appearance in the OPD, QLASH showed to the world that they are already capable of fighting against the best international teams, with respect but no fear from their opponents.

Let the Playoffs begin!

The Playoffs represent a pivotal moment for each and every team: from now on, one simply must not fail or it will be impossible to chase the dream called the Contenders.

Among the 16 qualified teams we have many strong Italian rosters, such as Samsung, Sparrow and Augmented.

Next weekend we’ll see how these teams will take on the Playoffs, with a double elimination format: which one will be able to win the Open Division Season 2 title?

Let the QLASH team ehr… the best team win!