These days, the Clash Royale community can’t stop buzzing about the SUS Cup, a tournament literally invented by our Simone ‘Nemos’ D’Orazio, proud member of the Team QLASH Pro team.

The SUS Cup will be played on these days:

Monday- Thursday, January 22- 25, 22:00 CET Monday- Thursday, January 29- February 1, 22:00 CET FINAL- Monday, February 5, 22:00 CET

And who better than Nemos himself to explain what the SUS Cup is about and how he gathered the best Clash Royale players in the world?

First thing first: how did you come up with the SUS CUP?

Nice question! Right after the EWSC Paris – in which I’ve attended with the other guys – I started to understand the competitive scene of Clash Royale better and to make friends among the international players.

Then I thought: “I have to show the full potential of this game to the Italian community”. And then I’ve created this event that gathers all the best international players.

Ok, now explain what IS The SUS Cup.

First thing first, I wanted to create something new for Clash Royale. That’s why I opted for a draft to create the teams.

As far as the format is concerned, I opted for the King of the Hill, with 3 sets: in order to win, a team must eliminate all the other players. If a team loses every player, they can get a ‘bonus life’.

Wait a moment: what’s the Draft that we saw on your Twitch channel?

Well, I choose the 8 most influential players in the entire Clash Royale community as Team Captains.

Then, they battled against each other to define the Draft order: it’s been one of the most skilled brackets ever! Once the order had been defined, during the Draft Night we sorted the team out... and this is when the real show began!

Guarda SUS CUP - Draft night W/ 8 Captains in call

Is there someone who has an edge with this type or format?

I don’t want to overpromise, but I can tell you that this format requires coldness, and nobody has more experience in his bag than Surgical Goblin.

But trust me: this won’t be easy for anyone...

Now let’s talk about you a bit. From player to manager, from manager to organizer and of course, caster. Who is really Nemos?

Nemos is that big boy that enjoys playing Clash Royale after work and that thinks that esport is a viable path.

Of course when you approach something new, you need time and effort to explore every possibility before you can find your proper place. I enjoyed when I was a player, but now I’ve found my natural habitat and I’ve found out new angles that I couldn’t properly get when I was a player.

Let’s say that my number one goal is to show how much Clash Royale can give to the esport scene, especially in the Italian community – where the esport culture is still pretty underestimated.

Of course, if this hobby has become my job, I have to thank Team QLASH, that gave me the possibility to work with Clash Royale: I truly appreciate this opportunity!

A special thanks to Summer and Florian (Team and Game Manager respectively), who work behind the scenes: they are always there to support all my crazy ideas, giving me that extra boost that I need to think even bigger!

How far can Team QLASH go in the Clash Royale competitive scene?

Like they say: the only limit is the sky.

We have a strong team, great management, one of the most solid orgs, not only in Italy, but in the whole world... what else? The future is only bright!

And what about Clash Royale in 2018? And on a medium-long term?

Let my say that thanks to the massive investment that Supercell has done to the competitive scene, this game will not only find new players, but also bring back those players that may have lost some enthusiasm.

2018 will be the year of immortality for Clash Royale.