When preparing for an event, in Italy we often said that "whatever happens, it will be a success". In fact, the Milan Games Week 2019 went far beyond the most optimistic expectations for QLASH, capable of taking home three official tournaments and involving hundreds of gaming enthusiasts.

From 27 to 29 September, QLASH was able to welcome its fans for the first time in Milan in a dedicated, activity-packed stand. The ability to try virtual reality with Beat Saber, a game that has garnered the enthusiasm of many people, proved very valuable and a line formed each day from early morning to late evening. 

Over 300 people have participated with excitement in the initiatives around Brawl Stars (3v3 and Showdown tournaments), Clash Royale (Beat the Pro with our player Mattiaa) and Fortnite (Play with the Pro with CrimiKevin, Zid and Foitte), involving prizes and gadgets for everyone.

But as mentioned, QLASH was not only able to entertain several hundred video game lovers: the team became the protagonist of top-level performances in the Esports events in which it was engaged.

Our 'Mattiaa', with his manager ‘Sqyzn’, triumphed in the ESL Vodafone Championship, a Clash Royale tournament that saw him compete in the Final Four in Milan against the defending champion 'Pasti', 'Rob' and 'Filo Rambo'. 'Mattiaa', who finished the Regular Season in second place right behind 'Pasti', despite having dominated for most of the preliminary stages, passed 'Rob' in the semifinals with a score of 3-2, to then get rid of 'Filo Rambo' with a clean 4-0 and lift the precious trophy.

After qualifying the previous day at the very Milan Games Week, the QLASH Team of Call of Duty formed by 'Predax', 'Kolgaa', 'Lumbast', 'Blade', and 'Biso' won the trophy of the CPC Final Stage, overcoming in the final match the team formed by 'Muttoboss', 'Gere', 'Carboon', 'Skyres' and 'Melted'.

QLASH was also the dominant force of the PG Nats Italian All Star of League of Legends: the team of stars, made up of two out of five QLASH players, beat the current National champions, Campus Party Sparks, under the wise guidance of our head coach Alessandro ‘Sekuar’ Sesani.

Finally, QLASH also got an amazing result at the PUBG Mobile Challenger Tournament Grand Finals Europe powered by Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open. We missed first place by a tiny margin, but our team consisting of 'Mz', 'Beast', 'Mvriel' and 'Will', led by coach ‘Damian’, finished in second place out of ten finalist teams. They were just returning from qualifications which saw more than 500 teams and thousands of players coming together from Albania, Czech Republic, Germany, Egypt, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Holland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. 

QLASH scored 2 victories out of 6 matches: in terms of placement points we dominated the tournament, but at the final count the "kills" brought home by the Turkish team made the difference. QLASH remained behind the Turkish team ‘Futbolist’ for just 4 points, 88 against 84. But for QLASH, the satisfaction of a prestigious podium and the greatest number of points accumulated based on the placement in the 6 maps remains.

At the end, probably more valuable than the trophies themselves, were the hundreds of smiles we brought to the fans and QLASH community members that came by to visit us. They showed incredible energy and are as always, the main reason we love being in the Esports industry.