Fortnite is without a shadow of a doubt the most played and most talked about videogame right now. The masterpiece produced by Epic Games is crushing every record day by day. Did we just say record?

According to, it seems that a group of Italian players managed to get 46 wins in a row, demolishing the previous Italian record of just 18: ‘Marcuzzo’, ‘Pundaz’, ‘CrimiKevin’, ‘Brinsen’, ‘Petwire’, ‘BullT’, ‘LeBronze’ and ‘Zid’ are their nicknames. And guess what? QLASH saw the chance to work with this group of very talented players that showed an incredible passion when we got in touch with them. And we’re more than happy to welcome them to our big family.

Everybody loves Fortnite

We gotta give Epic Games credit: they hit the jackpot. Fortnite is not just a fun game, easy to play but very hard to master, it’s also a spectacular and hectic show to enjoy. It is no coincidence that it’s already one of the most watched videogame on Twitch.

And who knows what’s next, now that Epic Games has just announced an incredibile $100 million prizepool for the first competitive season of Fortnite in the coming months. Well, it looks like the best is yet to come.

Next step: the world record?

‘Marcuzzo’ is the founder and leader of this team that includes some of the strongest players in Italy: “There’s eight of us, but the Squad Mode involve just four players at a time. Of course we all contribute to those 46 wins, playing on a sort of rotating shifts”.

Winning 46 matches in a row seems something already crazy, but ‘eMarcuzzo’ wants to go beyond this limit: “Right now we hold the Italian record, but we’re not already satisfied. We wanna try and beat the world record of 141 wins in a row.

Think they’ve got a chance?