There is little sense in asking the question ‘Do you know who Andrea Pirlo is?’.

Even people who don’t know much about football know the name and make a decent association. For those of you who are well aware who he is, it is probably not a secret that just a few days ago on the 21st of May, Andrea Pirlo played his testimonial.

The football maestro managed to gather superstars and legends from all over the world for this magical event and the crowd of over 50,000 people on the San Siro Stadium in Milan could have hardly asked for more.

Participants included the likes of Italian icons Paolo Maldini, Gianluigi Buffon and Roberto Baggio as well as international players such as, Cafu, Andriy Shevchenko and Ronaldo. The list goes on and on but we want to talk in this article about a different kind of star.

Diego “Crazy_Fat_Gamer_” Campagnani, the recently crowned FIFA 2018 Italian Champion and QLASH Team Pro player also took part in this grand occasion. About 30 minutes before the Kickoff of the testimonial, he played another showmatch-- though this one was on a screen.

His opponent was “Gianky09” from the team Mkers and their game was shown to the whole stadium with live commentary lasting about 15 minutes in total. Since it was just before the main event, most of the audience had already taken their seats and enjoyed watching the FIFA game while the green field was filling with worldwide famous football legends.

Producers, commentators, directors, players and staff were all working hard behind the scenes for this to go smoothly and their work paid off. Multiple sponsors, agencies and entertainment industry beasts were present to make sure their brands were represented accordingly.

QLASH Co-owner and CEO Luca Pagano was also at the stadium, accompanying “Crazy_Fat_Gamer_” to the pitch.  Judging by the photos, he was also having a really good time. 

All this is to show how much the eSports industry has grown in the recent past and the ever higher peaks it’s heading towards. It is not just a spare time hobby anymore, but rather true entertainment for millions of fans that is suitable for the greatest of stages. We at QLASH believe that this journey has just begun and want to involve every QLASH Community member to be part of it one way or another.