Coming off a nice Top 8 at the WCS Leipzig, Mikolaj ‘Elazer’ Ogonowski flew to South Korea to play in the IEM Masters PyeongChang, a very important tournament not just because of the prizepool ($50,000 for the 1st place), but also because it opens the Winter Olympic Games 2018.

The greatest Polish StarCraft II player managed to get to the semi-final, where he’ll have to face Sasha ‘Scarlett’ Hostyn’, a real icon and the most successful female player in the esports history.

6 wins, 1 loss

First of all, let’s recap what Mikolaj had to do in order to get to this awesome semi-final against Scarlett – adding a further Top 4 to his already impressive resume.

Mikolaj began by playing his first Best of 5 match against the Taiwanese ‘Nice’ in the Round of 16. Elazer didn’t sweat too much, defeating his opponent with a clear 3-0.

The quarter-final match was played against the local hero ‘Zest’. Despite the obstacle, Mikolaj managed to win with a 3-1 score, ending up his two first matches with an impressive result of 6 wins and just 1 loss.

Elazer vs Scarlett

Wednesday, 7th February, at 12 PM (Korean time), Elazer will play against Scarlett with another Best of 5 match, to get the spot at the IEM PyeongChang finals – only the finals will be played in a Best of 7 match.

This match will be interesting on so many levels. It will be Team QLASH against Team expert, but it also will be a clash of the titans – no pun intended.  On one side we’ll have a young European rising star, on the other a StarCraft II legend with a huge international experience.

During her career, Scarlett won the NESL Iron Lady twice in a row, the StarCraft II World Championship Series Canada 2012, and the WCS North American Championship 2012. At the Red Bull Battle Grounds New York City 2013 she gained the nickname of ‘Korean Kryptonite’, after defeating three strong Korean players, losing in the semi-final of the tournament only to Kim ‘sOs’ Yoo Jin.

Elazer has the chance to take another big victory, after a great 2017 during which he won the WCS Valencia (defeating ‘Snute’ in the finals for 4-3), as well as two Top 4 at WCS Jonkoping and at WCS Montreal.

IEM PyeongChang bracket

The very same ‘sOs’ will play against the Mexican ‘SpeCial’ in the other semi-final match. To get there, the Korean player had to defeat 3-0 both ‘DnS’ and ‘Kelazhur’, while ‘SpeCial’ took care of ‘PandaBearMe’ (3-0), ‘Demi’ (3-0) and ‘Bly’ (3-2).

As far as Scarlett is concerned, she destroyed ‘Cham’ 3-0, and then she overcame 3-1 both ‘TIME’ and ‘Serral’ – the Finnish player who defeated our Elazer in the WCS Jonkoping 2017 semi-final match.