IEM Masters PyeongChang has come to a close with Sasha ‘Scarlett’ Hostyn defeating Kim ‘sOs’ Yoo Jin in the finals. The Canadian player qualified for her last match after a 3-1 win against our Mikolaj ‘Elazer’ Ogonowski in the first semifinals.

With the IEM Masters featuring the cream of the crop of StaCraft II a Top 4 should make everyone happy, right? Well, not if you’re Elazer and your one and only goal in your professional life is to win. Always.

Elazer fights, but Scarlett wins

This much anticipated Zerg vs Zerg match could have given to Elazer another shot to a big win, but for Scarlett was about getting the opportunity to face ‘sOs’ again, after  losing to him in the 2013 Red Bull Battle Grounds New York City semifinals

Scarlett started the match on the right foot, winning the first match and gaining an advantage. But Elazer fought back, settling the score on 1-1. The Polish player tried to exploit his great ability in micro, but Scarlett had a good counter strategy.

The Canadian won both the third and the fourth maps, winning the game 3-1. With this Top 4, Mikolaj added a hefty $12.500 prize to his resume.

“See you in Katowice!”

For an ultracompetitive player like Elazer it is always difficult to comment on a defeat. But the Team QLASH player made no excuses after his 1-3 against Scarlett.

“GGs to Scarlett, she prepared very well. On the other hand it's a miracle I made it this far with the level of play i am showing. I will start practicing twice as hard from now on, I get too mad each time i lose in top4. See you in Katowice”.

And who knows, maybe Elazer will get his revenge against Scarlett at IEM Katowice (2-4 March)...