It’s been more than three months since that scoffing 9th place that put our Bertels narrowly out of a well-deserved Top 8 at HCT Oslo. But now it’s time for QLASH to take on the International competitive scene once again for the 2018 DreamHack Summer, one of the most anticipated events of this year.

From June 16th to June 18th, the best Hearthstone Pros in the world will find themselves battling out with a ton of amateur players in the gargantuan Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre of Jonkoping, Sweden.

Hearthstone Grand Prix Main Event

While we don’t already have the exact numbers, more than 256 players will attend the Hearthstone Grand Prix Main Event.

As usual, the tournament will feature a Swiss round followed by a Top 16 with a single-elimination bracket, in the consolidated Last Hero Standing Best of 5 with 1 ban format.

And of course, there will be a huge prizepool and a lot of HCT Points on the line:

  • 1st – $5,000 + 15 HCT Points
  • 2nd – $3,000 + 12 HCT Points
  • 3-4th – $1,500 + 10 HCT Points
  • 5-8th – $1000 + 8 HCT Points
  • 9-16th - 6 HCT Points
  • 17 - 32nd - 4 HCT Points

Ready to battle!

For Luca ‘Bertels’ Bertelli it will be his first live tournament as the QLASH Hearthstone captain: “I’ve been preparing for this for weeks, as I alway do. I’ve been studying the possible meta and a solid lineup. I just hope to have some of that luck that I didn’t have in Oslo”.

And talking about Oslo, Dario ‘Pool8’ Ripa has something to clean off his shoe: “When I was in Norway I immediately realized that I didn’t have good feelings. I didn’t play my A-game, everything went sideways. That’s why I can’t wait to have my revenge, and what better chance than DH Summer?”.

Here’s Federica ‘MaeveDonovan’ Campana’s thoughts about her last trip to Norway: “What a tragical adventure! I ended up at the hospital, ‘cause my nose wouldn’t stop bleeding. But that’s not an excuse for my 5-3 score: I know and I can perform better than that”.

Last, but not least, our Gabriele ‘Wolcat’ Catterin: “In my first year in QLASH I couldn’t demonstrate who I really am. I’m the Zotac Champ! I just wanna go to the DreamHack Summer and do what I do best: perform and crush my opponents”.