We are excited to announce that Daniel Negreanu has joined QLASH as an investor! 
Daniel is one of the most famous and successful professional poker players in the world with over $42 Million in career tournament winnings. For over 20 years he has been the most outspoken advocate for the Poker community and has had an inordinate amount of positive impact on the growth and evolution of the whole scene. A true legend of the game.

I've known Eugene and Luca for over a decade playing and working together in the Poker industry. They were highly successful and upstanding members of the Poker community and I know that if they sink their teeth into something, chances are good that it will work. The Esports industry is exploding and reminds us all of the early days of the Poker boom. The guys have some truly massive long-term goals and I'm excited to now be a partner in QLASH!”
With Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth on board as investors, literally the top 2 most famous poker players on the planet, the unique vision of QLASH is receiving an all-important stamp of approval. Together with the founders, Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov, they are betting that many of the lessons learned from Poker can be transferred and applied to Esports.
The approach that QLASH has towards Esports event organization is unique throughout the industry, but at the same time has many similarities with how some of the biggest Online Poker platforms successfully evolved and grew their own businesses. Utilizing the cumulative decades of poker experience as well as over $80 Mil in total Poker winnings between all of the partners, we are more confident than ever about our chances of success.
QLASH has grown massively in the past 3 years and is already today one of the largest Esports organizations in the World. With a very particular, Esports community-oriented focus, having two of the most famous players and influencers from the Poker community as partners will be extremely valuable. 
There are many more exciting news in the pipeline and we look forward to proving that their bets on QLASH were wise!