Team QLASH expands its competitive area by adding a new exciting title, one of the most played mobile games: Clash Royale. Supercell’s most recent mobile tower rush video game that is downloaded by more than 30.000 people daily.

The Treviso-based International multi-gaming organisation strongly believes in mobile esports, as demonstrated by the recent acquisition of Rising Lotus, a team that is currently participating in the most important Vainglory tournaments around the globe.

Team QLASH… Royale

The new-born Team QLASH Royal consist of four young but very accomplished Italian players, starting from Alessio ‘Guanek’ Grancagnolo: at the age of 18, Alessio ranked first in multiple global competitive seasons.

David ‘Slayer’ Cuoghi is one year older than ‘Guanek’: amongst his results, ‘Slayer’ and his former clan (Reddit Alpha) were able to win a Royal Premier League Season.

And then there is Mattia ‘Matt01’ Panatta (16) from Rome: he is the only Italian player still competing in the Crown Championship Global Series: today at 6pm Mattia is going to pursue his dream of flying to the live finals of the tournament, as he plays the final qualifying matches.

Alongside Alessio, David and Mattia there are Giuseppe ‘#Peppe’ Freda (18) and Simone ‘Nemos’ D’Orazio, the team manager, caster and official streamer of Team QLASH Royale.

Why Clash Royale?

“Clash Royale has huge potential”, Team QLASH owner Luca Pagano commented: “It’s one of those games that lets you just have fun for a few minutes but has enough depth for high level competition. This is just the essence of esports to me. Fun and accessibility.”.

About the new team, Pagano added: “These five guys are incredibly young, but they all have the right mindset. They struck me with their energy and dedication. I’m sure we made an excellent choice”.

Eugene Katchalov, co-owner of Team QLASH looks at the bigger picture: “At first sight it doesn’t seem like it, but Clash Royale is a big up-and-coming esport, where luck is basically non-existent: the amount of strategy involved between deck-building and actual execution is mind-boggling.”

About Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a real-time strategic videogame, created and published by Supercell. In little more than a year, the app has been downloaded more than 100 million times, with a revenue that exceeds a billion dollars.

On Clash Royale, players have to deploy minions and spells on the battleground, trying to defend their three towers while attacking the enemy’s. The first player to destroy the main opposite tower before the time is up wins the game – alternatively, the player with the most destroyed towers wins.

About Team QLASH

Team QLASH is the leading e-sports organization in Italy. Founded in Treviso by Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov – both professional gamers and successful entrepreneurs – in 2017, the team has immediately become the reference point of the national competitive gaming industry.

Team QLASH’s goal is twofold: nationally, our mission is to help the growth of e-sports while competing against the strongest and most successful teams around the world.

Thanks to the Academy section – focused on League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO and Rocket League – and the QLASH House in Treviso, Team QLASH is also forging the champions of tomorrow.