Team QLASH strikes again, signing Andrea ‘Yawgmoth’ Gereon, one of the best free agents amongst the Hearthstone professional scene in Italy.

‘Yawgmoth’ is the latest addition in a super-competitive roster which already includes Simone ‘VKing’ Larivera, Federica ‘MaeveDonovan’ Campana, Luca ‘Bertels’ Bertelli, Dario 'Pool8' Ripa and Gabriele ‘Wolcat’ Catterin.

About Yawgmoth

Born in 1987 in Aquileia (Udine), Andrea Gereon is a Hearthstone professional player and an accomplished streamer. After spending ten years competing as a Magic: The Gathering pro player, ‘Yawgmoth’ gave Hearthstone a try... and it was love at first sight.

Coming off a Top 16 finish with Team Italy in the 2017 Global Games, ‘Yawgmoth’ has already achieved a Top 30 in the Hearthstone Grand Prix Main Event at 2016 DreamHack Valencia, as well as a lot of good results on the national stage.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time before joining another competitive team”, Andrea commented, “because I was looking for a project that could let me compete at the highest levels, both in Italy and worldwide.

Team QLASH strikes me as a young yet highly organized team, full of human values. Here I’ll find a lot of great players – and also friends of mine. I want to thank Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov and their staff for this opportunity. I promise to repay their trust by winning as much as I can”.

Team QLASH welcomes Yawgmoth

Luca Pagano, co-owner of Team QLASH, was the mastermind behind this new acquisition: “I’ve been following Andrea’s steps for a long time now and I know what he can bring to our cause. His competitive spirit has no match and that will raise the bar of the Team QLASH Hearthstone Pros even higher”.

The news got the whole Hearthstone Pro Team in an uproar. ‘VKing’ spoke on behalf of the rest of the team: “Andrea is a friend to begin with, and I’m very happy that he has joined Team QLASH. He will be an important asset that improves the already high quality of our roster”.

About Hearthstone

Hearthstone is an online collectible card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Inspired by the Warcraft universe, the game boasts over 70 million player around the world and has become one of the most played and watched Esports.

In Hearthstone, a player can choose between 9 hero classes and hundreds of cards to compose a 30-cards deck which is used to defeat the opponent. The goal is to bring the opponent’s life to 0, using spells and minions.

About Team QLASH

Team QLASH is the leading e-sports organization in Italy. Founded in Treviso by Luca Pagano and Eugene Katchalov in 2017 – both professional gamers and successful entrepreneurs , the team has immediately become the reference point of the national competitive gaming industry.

Team QLASH’s goal is twofold: nationally, our mission is to help the growth of Esports while competing against the strongest and most successful teams around the world.